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The 5 Most Obvious Signs of Immaturity in Romantic Relationships

Being in a romantic relationship is usually wonderful for those “in” it. They think the world is all rainbows, hearts and flowers. They are rarely concerned with the effects of their romance on their surroundings or vise versa, especially if they are new to the dating game, thus showing some signs of immaturity. These signs are what tells you if a relationship will last or not, and here they are:

1- Becoming estranged from your other friends and relationships is a sign of immaturity. Your friends and family and other people in your life have known you and been there in your life more than your partner. They contributed to how you are like right now.

2- You look for either the good or the bad in your partner, not both. While seeing the good traits solely means you are blinded by love, looking for the bad traits solely means that you cannot acknowledge the fact that everyone has flaws, and that you are looking for an impossible flawless person tailored after your wishes.

3- You sacrifice your hopes and dreams for your relationship. If you are happily in love, your relationship should make you become better, and aspire to become even a better person. So if you are in a healthy relationship, you should never give up on your dreams and hopes.

4- You become the negative element in the relationship. You do not contribute in a major way and you leave all the important decision making to your partner. Little by little your existence and effect become so minor that your partner might feel as if you are more of a passerby than a partner.

5- You become something you are not. Being in love does not mean to pretend to like something you don’t like just because your partner likes it. It does not mean claiming to be someone else either. If you are to change something about yourself, change it because you want to not because someone else is pushing you to.

 Immaturity in Romantic Relationships

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