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5 Mistakes You Do Unintentionally at Winter That Can Badly Damage Your Skin

Most women know the usual skin care routines. However, some women have stated that although they stay true to these routines and to skin care overall, they suffer from common problems that happen to dry skin at winter. The reason is some of the mistakes they do mentioned in the following lines:

1- You use at winter the same moisturizer you use at summer. The weather is not the same at winter as it is at summer. It is drier and it will dry up your skin. So your usual oil free lotions might not have much of an effect in winter. At winter look for lotions and face creams that have moisture sealing qualities such as hyaluronic acid products.

2- Over cleaning your skin can be a serious mistakes. You should cleanse your skin twice a day at most. Do not abuse your skin with cleaners, especially if they are chemical store bought products. When you over clean, you rob your skin of its natural oils and you cannot substitute those with any brand no matter how expensive it is.

3- I seriously doubt it when beauty queens say that their hobby is taking long hot baths, even at winter. Soaking in hot water for a long time dries out your skin and lets the natural oil seep out of it. Moreover, your skin will be hypersensitive to changes in the weather and can develop eczema.

4- Another mistake you do at winter is scratching your skin when it itches. Itching means that your skin is so dry that your body cannot bear it. So do not make matters worse by scratching your skin until it bleeds. Use an antibacterial treatment to stop the itch and moisturize regularly.

5- Not considering your lips a part of your skin can be a grave mistake too, especially at winter. You also might have a habit of licking your lips and you don’t know it. This is all the more reason to moisturize your lips properly. Use Vaseline or lip palms. It would be better if you could afford using raw shea butter too.

Mistakes You Do Unintentionally at Winter That Can Badly Damage Your Skin

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