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5 Life Threatening Consequences of Sitting

While it might seem relaxing and safe to sit on your couch all day, it actually is very dangerous to do so. If you think that exercising for some time may prevent the harms of being sedentary for a long time, then you aren’t entirely right. Here are 5 frightening things that can happen to you for sitting too long.

1. Cardiac Fats

Researchers found that the more time people sat, the greater the fat surrounded their hearts, thus increasing the possibility of heart disease. It also seems that exercising doesn’t reduce those fats.

2. Diabetes

Sitting for long periods of time may cause an increase in cholesterol level and blood pressure, leading of course to diabetes. So in a way, staying away from chairs and couches is a sensible way to avoid diabetes.

3. Kidney sickness

A possible way to avoid kidney diseases is by being more active. Experiments proved that people who sit for 3 hours a day have a lower chance of catching a kidney disease than those who spend more time sitting down. So next time you’re going out, take more walks, and maybe try taking the stairs instead of the lift.

4. Lower chances of surviving cancer

Cancer patients who spent 6 hours of their day sedentarily had higher chance of death than others who sat less than 3 hours a day. We aren’t really sure why they do, but it could be because sitting for too long may lessen the control over glucose and insulin in your body. Consequently, it can stimulate tumor growth.

5. Chronic Diseases

As mentioned earlier, sitting for too long can lead to heart diseases, cancer, and kidney sickness. The way to avoid all those diseases is easier said than done, but also not impossible. Scientists claimed that people who sat for four hours a day or less seemed less likely to catch those diseases.

Life Threatening Consequences of Sitting

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