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5 Hazardous Chemicals Found in Your Cosmetics and Body Care Products

When you choose a lipstick or a shampoo, you usually look for three things: popularity of the brand, elements that appeal to your senses like color and scent, and container design (it is true!). People rarely look up or research the chemicals in their cosmetics and body care products although they pose a lot of danger to your hair and skin.

1- Dyes made of coal tar like p-phenylenediamine and CI colors followed by numbers of five digits are hazardous to your skin and overall health. Things like CI 75000 should never be in anything you use since they are a potential cause for cancer. They try to hide their existence in your products with names like “FD&C Blue No. 1” or “Blue 1”

2- Chemical preservatives that release formaldehyde should be banned from your cosmetics list as well. Since these are beauty products not food, companies do not want to spend too much (or anything) on temperature for storing these products. So, what do they do? They pack these cosmetics with dangerous preservatives. After all, it is not like you are going to eat them! These preservative release formaldehyde and with daily use it is concentrated in your body to the point of becoming a cause for cancer.

3- How do cosmetic companies mask the fact that their products contain hazardous chemicals that will make you gag as soon as you take a whiff of them? With perfume naturally! Unnatural scents cause multiple health problems on their own like asthma and allergies, and while being manufactured release poisonous chemicals dangerous to plants, fish and wildlife.

4- Paraben and paraben byproducts are another hazardous chemical used in cosmetics as preservative. Many researches link the repeated use of these chemicals with lower levels in male reproductivity.

5- What gives you that much needed shine in lip balms, lipsticks and hair products is petrolatum. It does a world of damage on its own ranging from allergy to cance, but it is also combined with other hazardous chemicals like perfume. Look for labels saying PAHs, mineral oil and petroleum distillates to know that the product contains petrolatum.

Hazardous Chemicals Found in Your Cosmetics and Body Care Products

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