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5 Great Tips for a Great Skin Whether You’re 17 or 70

Your skin is the clearest evidence of how you live your life and whether or not you are taking good care of yourself. Therefore, it is no wonder that a soft flawless skin usually ranks first in every woman’s priorities. WE will give you here some great tips that help you get a better skin no matter what age you are.

1- Nuts should be an essential part of your diet. IT is common now to hear that most women avoid eating nuts because of their high-calorie contents. This is really a big mistake since they are denying their skin many wonderful vitamins and minerals. For example, omega 3 fatty acids increase the speed of your skin cells restoration. Selenium makes your skin more elastic and fights skin cancer. So make sure to have at least a handful of nuts a day.

2- This is what many women do not know, smart phones can carry and transfer serious germs that hurt your skin. You might be consulting a doctor for your skin problems, eating healthy, and buying all sorts of pricy skin care product and still do not get a good result because your smart phone is infecting your skin. So wipe your phone with antibacterial wipes to sanitize it.

3- Make sure that using skin care products with retinol is part of you skin care routine. Retinol improves collagen production rate in your skin making it age resistant, youthful and firm. It also fights wrinkles, sun damage and skin cancer.

4- Get enough sleep (eight hours of sleep), and make sure it is at NIGHT. Yeah I know you have heard all about beauty sleep before, but if I neglected to say this, it would be like neglecting visiting Paris when you are in France.

5- Sun is destructive to your skin. Do you know that almost all of the wrinkles that happen to your skin are due to exposure to the sun? So make sure you use a sunscreen with a broad protection range against UVA and UVB rays that cause aging and skin cancer.

So what else do you think you should do to get a great skin?

Tips for a Great Skin Whether You're 17 or 70

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