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5 Great Makeup Tricks That Will Dazzle Everyone That Sees You

Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s interests. I used to spend a considerable amount of time and money on makeup (it is better not to tell how much!). However, I started looking for time and money saving makeup tricks so that I could spend these invaluable resources on more important things. I will share with you some of my most favorite ones.

1- You do not need to buy fake eyelashes and spend a lot of time adjusting them to your eyelashes anymore. Besides they can damage your eyelashes and make them fall. Instead, give your eyelashes a coat of mascara, then a coat of baby powder and then a second coat of mascara to make them look full.

2- A shellac manicure is absolutely one of the things any manicure loving woman could die for. However, what you spend in a beauty parlor for a shellac manicure could max out your credit card in a little time. Just coat your nails with an acrylic gel, then a coat of your favorite color then an acrylic top coat and you will have a stunning shellac manicure.

3- Glitter nail polish is truly gorgeous, but many girls still fight the temptation of applying it. Why? Because when you remove it the glitter will stick to everything (your hands, face, clothes…etc). But you can apply a glitter nail polish you could remove easily and cleanly by giving your nails a coat of Elmer’s glue before coating them with your favorite glitter nail polish. When you need to remove it just peel it off.

4- Enhance the beauty of your eyes by layering your eyelids with a first coat of white eyeshadow before using the color you prefer.

5- Don’t you hate it when you buy a pricy brand of mascara and you find that it has dried up after few days? Return it into its original state by adding a few drops of salin solution.

6- Do you want to know what the perfect lipstick color is for you? Without needing to rob a bank to buy all available colors to try them on? Use your eyeshadow pallet and some Vaseline to try different color combinations until you find the perfect color (or colors.)

Makeup Tricks That Will Dazzle Everyone That Sees You

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