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5 Great Ideas for Fun and Healthy Snacks for Your Child When Outside

Going out or taking a road trip with your children is not always a fun experience. One of the reasons for that is that your child can get hungry and tired. It is important then to learn some ideas for fun and healthy snacks for your children to munch on when they get hungry outside.

1- Make strawberry oatmeal muffins beforehand for such an outing. They are sweet, healthy and they help keep off the hunger with the oatmeal inside them. Moreover, your child will have more fun snacking on them if he helps you in making them.

2- For those trips in hot summer days you would like your children to have an ice cream, but you avoid it with its high content of fat and sugar. So how about preparing some frozen fruit? Ask your children for help in cutting watermelons, cantaloupe, grapes, and strawberries into shapes with cookie cutters and freeze them overnight before your trip.

3- I know that most store bought snacks are loaded with fat, sugar and salt, but some of them are healthy like high protein wraps. They are made with meat, cheese and bread and can satisfy your hunger quickly.

4- Prepare a healthy snack bar. A simple weekly medicine container can be used for that. Fill it with healthy snacks your kid likes, like raisins, dates, banana chips, nuts and cereals.

5- A snack jar is another fun idea for snacks on road trips. Fill the base of an empty jar with a dip your children love like homemade ketchup or peanut butter then add sticks of carrots, cucumbers, celery and pretzels.

Share with us your ideas of fun and healthy snacks to eat when outside.

Fun and Healthy Snacks for Your Child When Outside

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