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5 Great Cheats You Can Get Away With When Following a Diet

When you are following a weight loss diet, the only time when you will feel good mostly is when landing results. Naturally, you will not be happy about saying good buy to yummy treats and delicious snacks. However, we will prove here that you can still follow a weight loss diet and cheat a little without regaining the weight you have lost.

1- Indulge yourself in sweets twice a week. Since you are treating yourself, make sure the treat is worth it and choose something good, like an ice cream you really love or a slice of a yummy chocolate cake.

2- Splurge within reason twice a week. You do not have to deprive yourself of the types of food you really love when you follow a diet. You can make and eat your favorite recipes within reason. Therefore, if there is a certain dish you really love that cannot be eaten in a diet, you can have a small portion of it twice a week.

3- Most likely, the thing you miss most when following a weight loss diet is chocolate. It is okay to eat 2 or 3 squares of chocolate when following a diet since they only have 75 calories. Make sure you have a good brand to ensure you only eat 3 squares.

4- Enrich your salad. The basic rule of following a diet is eating salad, since it is full of fibers and nutrition and helps you feel full quickly. However, you will not like to eat even a little of your salad if it is just made of barren leafy greens. So enrich your salad with nuts, dried fruits and cheese moderately.

5- The most perfect time for having a sweet treat is breakfast. So if you – for example – love chocolate, how about having a chocolate croissant besides your skimmed latte for breakfast? Some chocolate at the start of your day will boost your metabolism and will be burnt with your regular daily activities.

 Cheats You Can Get Away With When Following a Diet

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