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5 Foolproof Tips to Eat More and Still Lose More Weight

Everyone of us want to eat everything we want, but at the same time we all need to lose more weight. When we follow a diet, we must feel hungry. That is because the amounts of food allowed in the diet are naturally less. Now, you can forget this and keep on losing extra weight. Doctors and nutritions called this as the alternative of the traditional diet.
If you ask yourself How I could do this, simply read and follow our tips:

1- Eat healthy food:
First and foremost you must change your eating habits. Instead of eating junk or fast food, you can consume healthy food. That will facilitate the process of losing weight.

2- Have an early Breakfast:
You must start your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. It should contain protein, vitamin and fiber rich foods. That could found in fruits, vegetables, cheese eggs and cereal. When you consume the right breakfast, you will feel satisfied for a long time.

3- Have a dessert:
Don’t forget that your body needs a daily amount of sugar. So adding something sugary to your meals, could be helpful for you. You can add some fruits like apples or strawberries to your yougurt.

4- Healthy Snacks:
Having five meals instead of three meals in a day, could prevent you from eating too much in each meal. Snacks should be light and healthy.

5- Don’t overeat at meals:
Some girls might think that as long as they eat a healthy food, they can eat any amount they want of it. Actually, That is completely wrong. The right way is to eat what you want from healthy food, but don’t overeat.

With this five tips you can reach the difficult medium of eating and losing weight at the same time.

Tips to Eat More and Still Lose More Weight

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