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5 Foods That Help in Relieving the Pain of Your Upset Stomach

If I was to make a definition for upset stomach then I would say that it is a lousy condition which – if you are unlucky enough to face – can ruin your whole day. However, some people cannot tolerate medicines made for upset stomach and might be allergic to their components. For those people, we will share a list of natural foods that can help in relieving the pain of an upset stomach.

1- Papayas are a good choice among the foods that can ease the pain of an upset stomach. It helps with constipation and it improves your digestion. The secret is in the papain and chymopapain, which are enzymes that help break down proteins and soothe the stomach by creating a healthy acidic environment. If you are somewhere where papayas are rare or pricy, buy papaya extract capsules.

2- Among the countless benefits of bananas, relieving stomach pain is one. They are easy to digest and give you energy immediately. They contain pectin which helps to naturally stabilize bowel movements.

3- Diarrhea is one of the causes of an upset tummy. If you happen to have it, then some white foods with a certain amount of starch can help you with the treatment, like white bread, potatoes, or white rice.

4- Ginger has an amazing effect on your digestive system. Its effect is so amazing that it is added to weight loss drinks since it improves your bowl movements. Moreover, it will help relieve you of any nausea you might feel with your upset stomach.

5- Herbal teas are an effective treatment for many things; one of the most common is upset tummy. Look for tea blends that contain chamomile, anis or peppermint. They are even more effective than prescribed medications and are recommended for pregnant women.

Share with us what you know about other foods used as natural treatments for an upset stomach.

Foods That Help in Relieving the Pain of Your Upset Stomach

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