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5 Fantastic Ideas to Motivate Your Children to Help with Housework

Don’t you find it tiring to find that after a long stressful day at work your children have successfully managed to wreck havoc around the house? And that instead of having a break after long hours of slaving over work, you will need to slave over the house chores? So how about some help from your kids? Here is how to do it:

1- Since we are at the age of technology, there is nothing worse for a kid than being separated from his ipad or iphone. When you find that he has left it lying around, take it and hide it. If he wants it back, then he needs to do some chores.

2- Here is another tip that exploits your child’s love for technology. The first thing kids think about when getting up from their beds is going online to play, talk to their friend…etc. Change the wifi password and do not give it to them until they finish some house chores.

3- Start a chores account. On a board write a chart for a chores account. Your child has to do a certain number of chores to receive points. When he receives a certain number of points he can trade them for a certain gift (like a toy or a ticket to a certain concert). This will teach your child to help around the house and delay gratification at the same time.

4- Make a spinning chore wheel. It is basically a spinning wheel but with chores instead of numbers. Tell your child that he has to do a certain number of chores every day (for example 3 chores). Then play the spinning chore wheel thrice and do the three chores that come up.

5- In the video games your kids play, there are often “quests” they need to do to get prizes or treats. Make quests of the house chores. Reward them after finishing their quests with treats or money prizes.

Ideas to Motivate Your Children to Help with Housework

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