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5 facts you didn’t know about salt that will surprise you!

We all eat salt on a daily basis. We should decrease our consuming of salt for its dangerous effects on our health. Also, salt should be eliminated in your diet if you want to lose some weight. This, however, doesn’t mean that salt isn’t a wondrous substance. So read this article to know some other facts about salt that you’ve probably never heard of before!

1. Salt kills fleas
If your cat or dog has brought fleas into the house, then a slight dusting of salt on your rugs will remove them off. Spread salt over your carpetings and let it work its magic for 12 hours and then vacuum it up repeatedly.

2. Salt-free does not indicate salt-free.
Be cautious of foods that are marked as salt-free or sodium free, as they may not be what they seem to be. To be capable of using that right in the US, for instance, the food must include less than 5mg of sodium, so it is not surely salt-free.

3. Roman officers weren’t paid in salt
It is a generally held myth that Roman soldiers were paid in salt and that this is how the word ‘salary’ comes from. Roman officers were paid in coins, only one of their duties was to watch the salt routes into Rome, so this is apparently where the term ‘salary’ comes from.

4. Most of the salt utilized in the world is not eaten.
Most of the salt mined or extracted from the sea doesn’t end up on your meal plate. Only 6% of the US consumption of salt is taken in food, the rest is used in manufacturing processes and above 15% is used to manage the roads every year to guard against ice.

5. Most of your salt comes from processed foods
While the simplest way to decrease your salt intake is by lessening the salt you add to your food at your house, the biggest proportion of salt intake, for the normal American adult, is received from restaurants’ food and processed food.

facts you didn't know about salt

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