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5 Effective but Unusual Tips to Help You Lose Weight

All those aiming to lose weight know the basic rules: exercise more, eat less fat, eat less carbs, avoid sweets etc. And if you are one of those aiming to lose weight then you already know all these rules by heart by now. However, there are some few secret unusual tips not all of us know that can significantly help you apply the basic rules and lose more weight. Here are some of them:

1- When you have a craving for certain foods, clench your fist for a few seconds. A study conducted in 2011 has proved that people control their impulses better when they tighten a muscle (the easiest one to tighten is your hand’s) for at least 30 seconds.

2- Don’t you really hate it when you want to indulge yourself a little and take a small slice of chocolate cake, then say: “just a little more”, and then before you know it you are binging? So, if you take that first small bite, eat a little slice of cold turkey to suppress your sweet tooth impulse.

3- Have a goal you can actually achieve on short term basis. So if you need to lose 20 kg, don’t say I need to lose 20 kg. Instead, you need to say I need to lose 3 kgs. Then, after you do it, set a new goal that is not so difficult to achieve.

4- Limit the number of foods you like in your kitchen. Multiple choices of treats for someone wanting to lose weight is just the same as locking them inside a room with an open buffet. So if you need to lose weight, do not have many foods you like at hand.

5- Instead of aiming at a certain weight, aim at a certain size. This will make your goals more realistic. It would be even better if you hang a lovely dress in the size you aim to achieve somewhere you could always see.

Tips to Help You Lose Weight

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