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The 5 Most Effective Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression is an issue much more difficult and complex than what people imagine. It has many symptoms other than feeling a general lack of interest in doing your job, interacting with others, feeling any enjoyment or satisfaction in anything, and even the most basic needs like eating and sleeping. There are, however, effective natural remedies for depression that are far safer than medicines prescribed by physicians.

1- EFA (essential fatty acids) are usually found in nuts, fish and flaxseed oil. People who made these Omega3 and Omega 6 foods a basic ingredient of their everyday diet found that they helped at making their depression levels low. These foods also help at fighting schizophrenia, Alzheimer, and bipolar disorder.

2- Hypericum Perforatum or what is commonly known as St John’s Wort is a wild plant with yellow flowers, and it has been used for curing stress, anxiety and depression for over 20 centuries ago. This plant’s extracts are safer and more potent than most depressants used now.

3- Ginkgo Bilboba is a tree species from china that dates back to old times and is commonly known as maidenhair tree. Medical researches have proven that the extract of its leaves help in fighting depression and improving the positive effects of other medicines that fight it.

4- Passiflora is a wild vine full of natural substances that battles depression and prevents its symptoms such as restlessness and insomnia. It has very little to none side effects as shown in the medical trials, making its extract a perfect remedy for depression.

5- Many statistics based on clinical researches have proven that consuming sufficient quantities of magnesium daily helps at battling depression. Moreover, magnesium is a necessary component in your daily diet so make sure you check the recommended daily allowance to know how much magnesium you need daily.

Natural Remedies for Depression

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