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5 Dangerous Habits That Does Your Skin a World of Damage

Every girl’s most prized possession is neither her jewelry nor her significant other. It is the first thing you take care of when you wake up, and the last thing you tend to before you go to bed. And thus you should know all about the dangerous habits that make all your skin care efforts go to waste.

1- Eating junk food does your skin a lot of damage. Junk food is full of harmful fat that clogs the pores of your skin and poisonous sugar that drains minerals and calcium from your body. No matter how much expensive skin care products you are using, the results will always be poor as long as you keep snacking on junk food.

2- Too much drinking damages every vital part of your body, much less your skin. High levels of alcohol ruin the collagen in your skin making it lose its elasticity and causes blemishes, redness and sagging. Try to watch – and limit – how much and how often you drink.

3- Overexposure to the sun is a quick and effective way to severely damage your skin. Maybe you like the bronze sun kissed color of your skin, but if you really like it, get it with self tanners. The damage your skin will take from the sun will go as far as skin cancer and premature aging.

4- Another cause for skin cancer besides few different other types of cancer is smoking. And if you are lucky enough to escape skin cancer, you won’t escape the unhealthy look, the wrinkles or the sagging.

5- Did you know that the hormones that promotes the production of collagen and elasticin are produced while you sleep? So lack of sleep equals not enough collagen and elsticin equals unhealthy skin. So make sure you sleep enough hours everyday to make your skin as youthful and healthy as possible.

So, what else do you think can ruin skin?

 Dangerous Habits That Does Your Skin a World of Damage

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