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5 Dangerous Habits That Lead to Obesity

Habits take a long time to form and thus are difficult to break. Some habits can make a drastic change in your life and health. Obesity and weight loss are two examples of such change. As world known dieticians have recommended, if you do something new and keep doing it for 21 days you can break a habit.

1- Indulging your sweet tooth after dinner. It is common knowledge that eating anything after dinner is a short trip to obesity. The damage is even doubled if what you eat is things like sweets and ice cream. Try a new habit like drinking a cup or herb tea.

2- Mindless eating can be considered one of the most dangerous habits leading to obesity. When you are eating while your thinking is absorbed in something, you tend to eat much more than what you need. Moreover, what you eat during mind-absorbing activities like watching TV or browsing the internet is usually things loaded with carbohydrates and saturated fat like potato chips, burgers and other types of junk food that lead to obesity and worsens cholesterol levels.

3- Easy snacking is another habit that leads quickly to obesity. Easy snacking is a term I use to refer to grabbing whatever it is easily available when you get hungry, which is usually fast and junk foods. Develop a new habit like snacking on fresh fruit and vegetables or healthy low fat snacks whenever you feel hungry.

4- Neglecting breakfast is possibly the most critical reason leading to obesity. It has multiple disastrous effects on the long run too like lowering your stamina and overall health, and lessening your metabolism, and it is a common knowledge that the first thing you need when battling obesity is a fulfilling breakfast.

5- It is uncommonly known, but having little or not enough sleep can lead to obesity. When you sleep your brain produces cortisone, which is a hormone that suppresses appetite, so having little sleep means you will not have enough quantities of this hormone and that you will feel hungrier more often.

Habits That Lead to Obesity

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