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The 5 Most Dangerous Foods That Are Considered Healthy

People all over the world now are in the process of looking for Healthy alternatives for the types of food they consume. Not just for treating weight problems, but as a method for looking for healthier lifestyle as well. However, they eat and drink certain food products they believe to be very healthy when the exact opposite is true. Here are some of the most dangerous types of food people consider healthy:

1- Whole wheat bread is healthy, right? At least it is healthier than usual white bread! Or that is what people think. The truth is many people now have a medical condition called gluten intolerance, and gluten is highly concentrated in bread. This condition appears as high blood sugar, tiredness, bloating, and damage to the lining of the digestive tract and stool inconsistency.

2- Worldly known athletes spend hours in exhausting intense training where they might suffer from something called glycogen depletion. This is why they need to drink sports drinks. But for a normal person, drinking sports drink is no different than drinking sodas.

3- Some men think that having more muscles will make them all the more appealing. That is why they eat protein bars. These bars might really contain some protein, but it is not the only thing that is in there. These bars have a lot of sugar, fat and chemical additives as well.

4- Fruit juice that comes from a bottle or a carton is not healthy just because it is labeled fruit juice. In fact, companies use fruits that are almost or already spoiled, and add preservatives, sugar and chemical additives to prevent you from knowing how it would really taste and smell. Want to know the difference? Compare the taste of a bottled orange juice to that of an orange.

5- Diet sodas are not healthy just because they contain fewer calories. In fact non-diet sodas are less dangerous than diet sodas which contain highly dangerous additives like aspartame which can lead to cancer, stroke and even kidney failure.

Dangerous Foods That Are Considered Healthy

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