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5 Dangerous Components in Your Daily Diet

Food plays a vital role in our everyday life. Unfortunately however, many of us do not take into consideration the amount and type of food we ingest into our bodies. We expose our bodies to low quality, highly processed foods when we should focus more on organic nutrient-rich foods. The following information aids to help you come around the diet you live by every day.

1. Table Sugar

Table sugar and fructose corn syrup make up a great deal of our calories a day. For the body to metabolize these sugars, it uses up nutrients such as vitamin B, magnesium, zinc and more. Since these nutrients are not already present in the sugar, they got to be stolen from the body.

2. Unhealthy Fats

A lot of the fats and oils we put in our bodies are processed in a damaging way that it loses important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These oxidized, structurally denatured junky fats are found everywhere in processed foods as well as most vegetable oils.

3. Refined Flour and Cereal

Almost 89% of all flour and cereal products are made up of refined grains. Refined grains are ripped off of their antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They greatly influence blood sugar levels and may lead to inflammations.

4. Lack of Fruits and Vegetables

Although fruits and vegetables provide excellent immunity against numerous diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer, very few individuals eat adequate servings and end up with merely a few fruits and vegetables.

5. Scarce Nuts

Nuts are of great support to the brain and heart’s health. It has been found to lower cancer risks. However, it is also found eaten in small amounts, as much as 15 ounces a year, and mostly only within pastries. Including more nuts in your diet prove to be more advantageous.

Dangerous Components in Your Daily Diet

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