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The 5 Most Dangerous Chemicals Contained in Our Food That Cause Health Problems

Fresh food is called so because it is meant to be eaten as soon as it is harvested and washed. Otherwise it will become spoiled. So, how exactly can you eat the packed and canned foods they sell at stores? Because, these foods have been treated with chemical preservatives and additives that keep them from becoming rotten. However, look carefully for certain chemicals on the labels of store bought products, since they can cause many health problems. Here is out list of the most dangerous chemicals added to food:

1- “BVO” in other words Bromated Vegetable Oil is a chemical which gives many bottled beverages like soda, sports drinks and citrus flavored drinks the bright colors they have. This chemical has been linked to increasing cholesterol levels, and can damage some of your vital organs including the liver and kidneys.

2- Azodicarbonamide is a bleaching agent contained in packaged, processed foods like pasta, frozen dinners and flour mixes in cake and cupcake mixes. This is a toxic chemical that has been linked to asthma and cancer risk.

3- “PFOA” aka erfluorooctanoic acid is a toxic chemical found in the wrapping and lining of microwavable food bags such as popcorn bags. With microwave’s high heat, PFOAs can get to the heated food. It can also be inhaled through the steam coming of the heated bag if it is opened shortly after heating. PFOA has been linked to thyroid disease and certain types of cancer.

4- Benzoate Preservatives such as “BHT, BHA, TBHQ.” are chemicals used to help keep fats in foods from going bad. They’ve been found to cause several serious health problems, such as disrupting estrogen balance, increasing cancer risk, urticaria, asthma and hyperactivity.

5- Bisphenol-A aka “BPA” Is an estrogen-like manufactured chemical used to preserve canned foods. BPA causes plenty of serious health concerns such as problems in reproductivity, cancer risk, metabolic disorders like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and heart disease.

Prepare your food at home and freeze it if you need to preserve it to avoid any possible health risks.

Dangerous Chemicals Contained in Our Food That Cause Health Problems

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