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The 5 Characteristics Women Hate Most about Men

In this day and age, women are more realistic about what they want or do not want from life. Nevertheless, no matter how much of a realist a single woman can be, she still dreams about Mr. right who will sweep her of her feet. Of course, since she is dreaming, she might as well set a list of the things she doesn’t wish to have in her man. Here is the things women hate most about men:

1- Not caring about what they wear and about their looks in general. One of the things that can drive a woman crazy in her man is neglecting his looks. It is tiresome for her to convince him to wear a suit to a formal event. It kills her to tell him not to wear his socks three days in a row. And it is not easy of course to tell him to match the shirts with the pants.

2- Forgetting important events and memories. Women are sentimental creatures. They like replaying fond memories in their brains and keeping whatever reminds them of these memories. Needless to say, birthdays and anniversaries are very important for women. Therefore, it drives them mad to see their men not giving as much thought to such events.

3- Undermining a woman’s efforts is the biggest insult a woman can receive from any man. It is very aggravating for a woman to hear her man saying things like he is the one keeping the family together or doing the most work in the family.

4- Being an enigma can really drive a woman insane. Any woman really hates to see her partner not expressing what he feels or thinks of. It is not good either if her partner does not talk often in general, or likes to talk but not about himself.

5- Spending too much time on TV, video games, internet, or drinking with friends. Men might like these things but spending too much time on them can make their women think that they are avoiding their company.

Characteristics Women Hate Most about Men

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