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5 Astonishing Head Lice Natural Remedies

Head lice are not just disgusting creatures that crawl on the heads of school children and adults, but they also cause several serious problems that can lead to diseases including fever. You can get effectively get rid of these hair invaders by following the next natural remedies.

5. Vinegar and Salt: This is one of the simplest treatments as the ingredients are readily available. All you have got to do is mix equal amounts of vinegar and salt in a quarter cup then apply the mixture on hair for two hours. Afterwards, wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.

4. Hair Conditioner: Let those ugly head lice slip off hair by generously apply hair conditioner along with tea tree oil and leave it for an hour. There is no particular conditioner that you have to use, use your favorite affordable kind. Then, comb it off with a lice comb and rinse well with hot water repeatedly.

3. Lice Comb Continuously: Using a lice comb as a treatment isn’t the fastest treatment as it takes about three weeks if you comb thrice a day. Take care that this remedy might be a little bit hurtful but it is surely cost effective.

2. Mayonnaise: Let the head lice enjoy a day of eating mayonnaise, but the joke will be on them as they’ll die once they eat it. Apply full fat mayonnaise on the infected scalp and let it there overnight daily for a whole week. Wash hair in the morning to get rid of the dead bodies.

1. Essential Oils: Combine 2 ounces of olive oil with twenty drops of lavender, neem, tea tree or clove oil then apply on hair. Leave the combination for 12 hours then use a lice comb and wash the hair well. An extra benefit of tea tree oil is that it can help in getting rid of dandruff.

 Astonishing Head Lice Natural Remedies

5 Astonishing Head Lice Natural Remedies

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