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4 Ways to get rid of pimples that appear during your period

Before the menstrual cycle and during it, the hormones in a woman’s body became largely active, leading to physical and psychological changes and fluctuation that are accompanied by this period of the month.

Among these changes in a woman’s body before and during this period is the appearance of pimples on the face and the body. Here are some advices that will help you get rid of these pimples without harming your skin.

*Don’t touch your face: First and foremost, you must know that your attempt to remove these pimples with your hand will aggravate the problem without solving it. The reason is that your hand is an environment for bacteria and germs that lead to inflammation of the pimples. So, before touching your face in the morning you should make sure you have washed your hand thoroughly.

*Take a shower immediately after exercise: The sweating caused by exercises reacts with bacteria and oils secreted by the body, especially in the facial area. So, it increases the acceleration of the growth of these pimples and aggravates them.

*Cleanse your phone well: You may be amazed at how much unapparent germs that the screen of your mobile can contain. (some even say it has as much germs your toilet seat has!!) As you must be using your mobile continuously, just touching your face, whether directly or through your hands, will lead to the transmission of these bacteria to your skin.

*Contraceptive pills: Studies have shown that these pills work to remove pimples and impurities of the skin through inhibiting the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones that are active greatly before the beginning of the period by two weeks.

Ways to get rid of pimples that appear during your period

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