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4 Unexpected Reasons for Skin Deterioration

Almost every woman now knows that malnourishment and over exposure to the sun are the direct reasons of flawed and tired looking skin. However, there are definitely other reasons for skin deterioration people do not know about and wouldn’t even expect them to lead to common skin problems as we are going to see in this article.

1- Nobody would expect prescribed topical ointments and creams to cause skin problems. You would never expect your acne treating cream to be the direct cause of another skin problems. Off course, the damage is doubled when you combine it with another direct cause for skin aging like exposure to the sun.

2- Living in a fast paced crowded place like the big cities is another unexpected cause for skin deterioration. Almost every aspect of this type of life screams “free radicals” which do a world of harm to your health, much less your skin. You might say that you cannot do much about it, since living circumstances are not easy to change. But you could null its effect with good diet and good protection from other direct causes of skin deterioration.

3- Pollution is a cause of many problems, one of the least known is skin deterioration. Pollution causes a case called Hyperigmentation and this happens when your skin overreacts to the levels of pollution around it, and as a result produces a lot of melanin. Treat this by lessening the load of pollution through regular skin care and cleansing.

4- Heat or overheating is another unexpected cause of skin problems, and I mean plain heat, not necessarily exposure to the sun. As a proof, you notice that those working in places with high heat levels like furnaces suffer from many skin problems. This happens because heat dehydrates your body and stimulates the production of collagen breaking enzymes.

As we can see we should always avoid all causes that lead to skin deterioration, both obvious and hidden.

Skin Deterioration

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