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4 Unexpected Reasons Why You Have Poor Dental Health

To have strong healthy teeth, you need much more than using toothpaste and a tooth brush daily.

However, this knowledge slips the minds of so many people who do – and DO NOT do – many things that lead in the end to poor dental health. So what exactly are these things.

1- Do not think that just because some carbonated beverage is labeled with the word diet, it can’t cause problems to your teeth. What weakens teeth in sodas in general is not just sugar, but the acidic components as well. These components eat away your most solid teeth layer making it weak and fragile.

2- Food with high glycemic index can weaken teeth as well. That includes many types of food not just sweets. Even baked goods made of flour and corn starch can be damaging to your teeth. Starch is not easy to digest or clean up, and it can get stuck to teeth quickly which will help in developing a layer of plaque.

3- Another reason why you might have poor dental health is that you have some ailments that requires taking a medication that might damage your teeth. Some medications of sinus, anxiety, allergy and depression have one thing in common: enhancing the bacteria that create the plaque layer.

4- An ongoing diet trend now might be destroying your teeth as well. It is drinking what people call: power drinks, sport drinks and vitamin drinks. It might surprise you to know that these drinks are just as harmful as carbonated beverages. They have loads of sugar and acid, and both can destroy your teeth quickly.

Unexpected Reasons Why You Have Poor Dental Health

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