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4 Types of Home Appliances That Waste Your Money

Home appliances are probably the first thing you buy for yourself. You even buy it before getting your own place. It is what you call being practical, or purchasing what is necessary.

However, there are some types of home appliances you buy even if you do not need them and thus the money spent on them go down the drain. Here are some examples of such appliances:

1- Hair dryers are a total waste of money in my book. They also need extra power because they use heat which means extra waste of power and money. Every woman now knows that hair dryers are the primary cause of damaged hair and split ends. Moreover, rarely few woman have it so easy that they can blow dry their hair every day. So if you are thinking of buying it, DON’T!

2- Shaving machines is another home appliance that can be considered a waste of money. It uses electricity thus consumes power. And since most men rather shave in the bathroom, they would be hesitant to use shaving machines out of fear of electrocution. The ones that operate on batteries are weaker and more bothersome too. Moreover, men end up clean shaving their beards with a razor when they need to.

3- Hand blenders are neat, practical and worth your money. However, people rarely use them and just settle for preparing food using usual jar blenders. And they somehow cannot think of uses for a hand blender other than mashing potatoes or carrots for infants. So if you are one of those people then a hand blender is not for you.

4- Home appliances manufacturers seem to come up with new designs for toasters every year, and I find this really surprising, since less and less and people are using them often nowadays. People nowadays either prepare something quickly for breakfast or get something on their way to work. No one now has the time to prepare breakfast leisurely and wait for bread to be toasted.

Home Appliances That Waste Your Money

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