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4 Types of Food You Should Omit from Your Diet to Prevent Acne

Acne, though a rather common problem, can be a real nightmare. It spoils how your skin looks, and consequently how you feel about your looks. Like most skin problems, using prescribed ointments and creams will fix the problem temporarily before it reappears. In such cases, the cure is always from within, and this means changing your diet and avoiding certain foods, which are:

1- Sweet, short-chain, soluble carbohydrates or in short; refined sugar is one of the most reasons for acne beside many other health problems. You often here the expression that refined sugar is poison, which is true for your skin as well. Avoid manufactured sweets and white sugar altogether. If you need to sweeten something use honey, molasses and other naturally sweet foods.

2- Greasy foods and all types of food that has high fat levels irritate your skin and do all sorts of damage to your system. All fried and fast foods contain high fat levels. Most snacks like potato chips and ice cream have them as well. Avoiding high fat levels is common sense for your overall health, not just your skin’s.

3- Manufactured and processed foods, or in short foods that come from a pack, can or jar are good reasons for acne. Besides additives and preservatives that cause acne, they have a number of other reasons for acne like saturated fats, refined sugars to make them taste good. Use fresh additive-free food instead to avoid acne.

4- Researches have proved that foods loaded with iodine cause acne. The most common food that contains a lot of iodine is salt. Iodine is also found in processed foods and white bread. So you should limit the daily intake of these foods you consume to protect yourself from acne.

If you do a little research, you will find that these foods cause a lot of health problems ranging from minimal to dangerous. You should replace them with other healthy substitutes to prevent many health issues not just acne.

Food You Should Omit from Your Diet to Prevent Acne

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