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4 Types of Food You Never Imagine Eating Although They Are Extremely Healthy

When faced with some types of food, there will be parts of them you will eat and others you never will. For example, you never eat the rind of an orange, the peel of a banana, nor the skin of a kiwi fruit. But I would imagine your surprise when you know that all these things are not just edible, but also extremely healthy. We will see in the following lines why you should consider eating them.

1- I think you would believe that the skin of a kiwi fruit to be close in taste and structure to paper. However, this paper-like skin is filled with flavonoid compounds that destroy free radicals and protects you from bugs that cause food poisoning and protect against heart disease. Make sure you
buy organic kiwi fruits so that the skin is safe to eat.

2- Banana peels are not for eating, right? WRONG! These peels contain a lot of potassium which helps in stabilizing blood pressure and lessening stroke risks. They are also good for lifting your mood since they are full with serotonin.

3- When making mashed potatoes or some boiled carrots for your infant, you boil the vegetables in some water, then the water goes down the drain since the vegetables are all you could benefit from, right? Wrong as well. The water you boil vegetables in is rich with nutrients that seeped from the vegetables. So if you boil your vegetables instead of sautéing them, use the water as soup or even make some healthy juice from it.

4- If you happen to see a beetle or a grasshopper, your first instinct would be to get the pesticide, right? Well, did you know that water beetles and grasshoppers are edible? And that they are full of nutrients and vitamins, and even double the amount of protein meat has? they have little fat as well!

5- Orange peels are commonly thought of as garbage rather than food. Well, they ARE healthy. Orange peels are full of minerals and vitamins including calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, copper and phosphorous. They are even thought to be effective in lowering bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Food You Never Imagine Eating Although They Are Extremely Healthy

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