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4 Tips That Will Make That “Time of The Month” Easier for You

Periods are maybe one of the very few reasons women say something like: “I wish I was a man”. It is a time when your body undergoes many changes that makes these few days the least favorite for you. You feel sluggish, heavy and moody. However there are things you should know that might help you deal better with these few days. Here they are:

1- Relying on pain killers is not always your best choice. I know that some women might feel like curling on themselves until this painful time is over, but cannot afford to do that. So they swallow some pain killers and hope the cramps and the headaches are gone.

But relying too much on pain killers can lead to serious complications especially if they were self administered. So instead of using pain killers try Anis or any other herbs with pain relieving qualities.

2- Do not feel too shy to ask if you feel that something is not right. Sometimes the pain is too intense, or there might be too much or two little flow. If you are still in high school, you can ask your mother or the school nurse. But it is better to consult a doctor, and he will mostly prescribe birth control pills for you.

3- Having a regular period does not mean it will always be so. There are times when your period may start earlier or later than usual. That does not necessarily mean anything bad. But if you find that the irregularity is becoming “regular” then it might be the time to consult the doctor.

4- This is a natural biological process and you do not need any excessive cleaning for it. Changing the tampons or pads every 3 hours and using a mild wash is enough. Going overboard with cleaning might cause you problems.

Tips That Will Make That Time of The Month Easier for You

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