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4 Things You Should Do So You Wouldn’t Waste a Fortune Each Time You Book a Flight

Although traveling can be a wonderful experience in which you see new places and try new things, the money you waste on it can give it a really sour taste, especially if you are travelling by plane. Also, airlines seem to increase their charges by day.

However, those who have no other way but travelling by plane often learned some neat tricks you can apply to lessen flying fees. Here are some of them:

1- Of all the days of the week in which you can book a flight, pick Tuesday. That day is when most airlines make fare sales. So booking a flight on Tuesday will cost much less money.

2- Do not book a flight when it is rush time. Booking a flight that starts at 9 am to 6 pm can be costly because these are the hours when most people like to travel. If you, however, book a flight that starts at dawn or late at night, there is a good chance you will pay much less compared to other times.

3- Did you know that booking a certain seat in a flight online costs more money? I don’t know why people like to book a seat beside the window when they aren’t going to see much! You can avoid the extra fees by going to the airport a wee bit earlier and choosing a seat.

4- Even the meals that come with the flight cost money. Moreover, they cost more money compared to the price of the food on land. That if you consider the lousy things they serve on these flights food! Specifically order that your flight is “without a meal” and pack some snacks before your flight takes off.

Things You Should Do So You Wouldn’t Waste a Fortune Each Time You Book a Flight

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