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4 things you will discover about your husband after marriage

After marriage, men and women move from the life of celibacy and independence to new life system of marriage and responsibility.

Apart from the changes in their lives, both of them discover some characteristics and habits they did not know before about the other partner. Find out with us all about the things that women discover about their husbands after marriage.

– Snoring: Among the most prominent things that a woman discovers about her husband is his snoring. This phenomenon is common and is to be expected among most men. On the other hand, women suffer a lot in her first period of marriage to cope with this issue which may disturb her and deprive her from sleeping.

– He loves animation: Who among us doesn’t like watching cartoons and doesn’t spend hours in watching Tom and Jerry cartoons? One of the most surprising things that excites woman after marriage is discovering that her amazing husband with strong personality likes watching cartoons and that they may be his favouriteprogramme.

– He needs someone to choose his clothes for him: Most men like the fact that the woman takes care of selecting of the clothes. They like it when the woman chooses the clothes her man is going to wear during the day. Most of them like this because their mothers were accustomed to doing so.

*He is not organized: One of the most prominent things that a woman discovers about her husband which annoys her a lot is his lack of organization for his clothes and his stuff. He is used to his childhood manners when his mother was cleaningafter him and he continues this habit after marriage.

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