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4 Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Marriage

Have you ever wondered why some beautiful, educated, kind women can’t seem to keep their husbands and manage to push them away instead destroying their marriages in the process? However, people noticed that these women tend to say and do things that can get on others’ nerves.

It is not a big problem for strangers and acquaintances who will not meet them often, but for their poor husbands, these things can ruin a relationship.

1- Belittling the husband’s gifts. Silly remarks that make fun of a gifts’ worth and value can really get on the husband’s nerves, even if these remarks are said jokingly. So, never say things like, “I don’t wear this color”, or “I don’t eat this crap”.

2- Talking about other women with the husband. Men’s heads don’t run the same way as women’s. Describing a woman as “slutty” to your man can give him ideas. Singing the praises of your girlfriends can make him want to get to know them at first, and then after “getting to know them”, he might want to do more things than just “knowing”.

3- Making fun if your husband’s family and brothers or sisters, even if they deserve it. I mean, you wouldn’t want others to make fun of your family yourself “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you”. And if his family does wrong you, take a firm stand, but a polite one.

4- Denying your husband sex for any reason (except severe illness) is a fatal marriage killing mistake. And don’t use denying your husband sex as a form of punishment or some sort of blackmail to get what you want. You won’t be happy with the results on the long run.

Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Marriage

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