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4 Subtle Warnings That Indicate You Are Stressed from Top to Bottom

Having sleepless nights, eating a lot of junk food and suffering from a short temper are all obvious signs of a stressed out person.

Knowing that you are stressed tells you that you need to slow down a bit, and not bite more than you can chew; but lack of knowledge about stress can wear you down both physically and psychologically. If you notice any of the following subtle warnings, consider taking a little vacation before stress eats you up.

1. Catching Diseases Quickly

Stress takes a toll on your immune system making you more prone to catching diseases than people who have their fair share of relaxation. Sick leaves exist to help you calm down and take care of your health so that you can face daily challenges more effectively.

2. Tingly Arms and Hands

When you let tension build up at your shoulders while sitting for prolonged hours on the computer, muscles apply compression on nerves that affect the feeling of your arms and hands. Stress worsens the compression of muscles over nerves aggravating the tingling. To fix it, relax and sit with a proper posture so that your ears are right above your shoulders.

3. Becoming Quiet at Work

If you were an outspoken person at work then you find yourself not wanting to speak up your mind, stress might be the reason. Withdrawal and loss of confidence are both warning signs that you are under tension. These signs appear because you become unsure if what you are going to say makes any sense.

4. Suffering from Diarrhea or Constipation

Tension causes constipation when the energy required for proper movement of the digestive tract is diverted towards your brain to keep it running. Diarrhea can also happen because stress may trigger the release of a chemical called CRF from the brain.

Subtle Warnings That Indicate You Are Stressed from Top to Bottom

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