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4 Subtle Signs You Should Stop Dieting

Did you ever face a time when you are not losing weight although you are following your weight loss program to the tee? Don’t you often hear about people facing this problem? Chances are, your body has given up on you stopping an extreme diet, and decided to give you the: “No matter what you do, I am not going to shed any extra pounds”.

And that is after giving you some signs you chose to ignore. So what are these signs?

1- You are either always hungry or not hungry at all. First of all, let’s agree that you should never neglect hunger whether you are on weight loss diet or not. Hunger is much more than your stomach telling you that it is empty. It is a sign your body needs its necessary fuel. So if you are either hungry or not-hungry all the time, then you have somehow managed to train it to be like this.

2- You believe that the only thing to be happy about is losing weight, and that all your problems will disappear as your extra weight does. This means that you have become fixated on your weight and looks. This is a sort of perfectionism that will psychologically prevent you from losing weight.

3- Losing weight is NOT making you a better person. As you are following a certain diet, you might find that you are becoming exceedingly moody, cranky and depressed. So if those around you say something like: “as of late, you are difficult to deal with” or “talking with you lately is like treading in a minefield”, then you need to have a break from dieting.

4- Natural body functions are disturbed. Sometimes extreme diets that go for a long time might lead to disturbing natural body functions. When you notice that more of your hair is falling more often, or that your skin is pale and a bit sickly looking, then it is a sign you should follow a healthier more flexible diet. But a sign like not getting your period or that it is becoming irregular is what should make you really stop dieting.

Signs You Should Stop Dieting

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