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4 Smart Tips for Using Fashion Sense to Hide Your Body Flaws

What makes humans are their flaws, so humans have a lot of flaws in every aspect of their existence, whether it was looks or personality. And these very flaws are what makes humans wonderful. So how can you dress right and make a body flaw look like it is your very own gorgeous advantage? Here is how to do it:

1- Pear shaped bodies have large hips and buttocks (some consider this a merit not a flaw but this is beside the point). So what to wear to deal with this flaw? Here we have to attract attention upward. So instead of full dresses wear two piece sets with a top that cover half of the buttocks. Also look for dark colors especially when it comes to the bottom piece.

2- Having narrow hips is a flaw many women hate. Here we need to create a look of roundness at the bottom part. So a good choice here would be bohemian or long dresses and skirts, pleated skirts and flared pants. Harnessing the power of ruffles can be a good option too since they give a gorgeous fuller look.

3- All women are gorgeous, but the media somehow managed to succeed in promoting the idea that long legged women are sexier than the rest. So if you have short legs and are afraid to be judged according to this view point, you can wear high waist jeans and skirts. You can also enhance the effect when you wear short pieces.

4- Torso length can be considered a flaw. Choose clothes with vertical stripes for short torso. V-neckline untucked tops will make a short torso look longer, so does full length or three-quarters sleeves.

Long torsos mean that the legs are short so go with shorts and short skirts for longer looking legs. Draw attention to your waist if you have a long torso with high wrap-over skirts. As for blouses, choose short ones and make sure you tuck them in.

Tips for Using Fashion Sense to Hide Your Body Flaws

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