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4 Simple Habits That Can Rid You Easily of Beer Gut

Do you hate that squishy jiggling “extension” on your belly? Has it been sooo long since the last time you felt you look good in a bikini?

I will tell you here about some simple things you can do to get that gorgeous flat stomach you’ve always dreamt about. And no, I am not talking about liposuction!

1- Substitute your coffee with tea, and better still, drink green tea instead of any other type of beverages. Ever wondered why Asians always seem to have perfect bodies and flat tummies as if they are a totally different species? One of their secrets is drinking lots of green tea.

2- Steer clear of diet beverages. I think that by now you already know that the whole “less calories is the way to weight loss” equation doesn’t add up. Moreover, weird drinks – such as diet beverages – with all their artificial colors and additives can totally ruin your metabolic mechanism in a way that is very difficult to fix.

3- Include nuts in your diet. Instead of snacking on veggies and fruits or even the seemingly-healthy diet foods such as fro-yos, try having a fistful of nuts from time to time. Almost all types of nuts can be considered natural diet pills that can effectively boost your metabolism.

4- For losing that beer gut, beans can do you a whole lot of good. Beans are one of the foods that are rich in soluble fiber. Many recent studies have discovered that soluble fiber is what your body needs to avoid storing fat in places where it counts, such as your belly.

Habits That Can Rid You Easily of Beer Gut

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