4 Reasons for the yellowing of your pillow

There is no doubt that you may have already noted the appearance of yellow spots on your pillow and your kids’ pillows.

Have you ever thought about the reasons for the existence of these spots? Many people think that the reason for the appearance of these spots is the saliva which flows from the mouth during sleeping.

Other people think that the reason is the dirt that is on the face if it is not washed off before going to sleep or the dirt of the hair. But what are the real causes for this phenomenon? Here’s the answer.

Sweating of the head and face:
When you are sleeping, your body and your head in particular produce an amount of sweat, even if you did notice it, I bet you didn’t know they produce a large amount of sweat. Although you may wash your face and head before sleeping, but this will not stop the sweating, so the yellow spots on the pillows are inevitable.

Exposing the pillow to sunlight:
Among the reasons that lead to yellow spots on the pillows is exposing them to sunlight for long time. These pillows have been made to be in white brilliant colour and the exposure to the sun’s rays directly for a long time causes dissolving of the white colour back to its natural colour which is the yellow.

Sleeping while wearing make-up or applying skin creams:
The chemicals that are found in some types of make-up and skincare products are mixed with the fabric of your pillow causing a change in its colour and the appearance of yellow spots. Also, sleeping with wet hair causes yellow spots on the pillow.

Reasons for the yellowing of your pillow

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