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4 Reasons behind Strange Medical Symptoms

Serious medical issues like bleeding or broken bones are known to require immediate medical attention. Other medical symptoms like increased heart rate or eye floaters can be confusing in terms of if they should be of any concern and if they indicate other problems.

Increase your knowledge about some health symptoms and know what to do about them by reading on.

4. Feeling Cold More Than Others Do

Frequently feeling cold can be just because you have low muscle mass and slow metabolism. This is more common in women than in men. You can practice weight lifting to grow more muscles to warm you up. Underactive thyroid gland can make you feel cold even if the weather is warm but it is a treatable case. Iron deficiency anemia also makes you feel cold so eat iron rich foods or take iron supplements.

3. Foot Cramping while Sleeping

Night foot cramps can be as slight as magnesium deficiency or dehydration, but if the foot cramps are frequent you might be suffering from restless legs syndrome which will deprive you of sleep. You need to treat restless legs syndrome as sleep deprivation causes many problems such as obesity.

2. Eye Floaters

It is okay to see little specks floating when you look a bright background because you would be just seeing cells floating in your eyes gel-like material. However, if you see that the number of floaters is increasing and you are losing your peripheral vision, you must head to an ophthalmologist as this could indicate retinal detachment which can lead to vision loss.

1. Surprising Weight Loss

Weight loss without an obvious reason is not to be taken lightly at all as it can be a symptom of cancerous growth, type 2 diabetes or overactive thyroid gland. Hence, if you drop pounds with no explanation like a change of diet or taking medication get yourself checked.

Reasons behind Strange Medical Symptoms

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