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4 Reasons Why You Gain Back the Weight You Lose After Weight Loss Diets

It is often said that losing weight is very difficult. But did you know that keeping your lost weight and not getting it back is even more difficult? And the proof of that is that you see people everywhere struggling with their weight and are in what is called “yoyo dieting”.

Here you will learn why people gain back the weight they lose in weight loss diets.

1- Misconception of reward is one reason why people’s efforts in losing weight go down the drain. They go on a diet for a week and after finding that they lost 4 kg or so they reward themselves by binging on sweets and fried fast foods for a couple of days, gaining in the process about double the calories they have burnt throughout the week. Thus it is unsurprising at all that you gain back the weight you lose.

2- You deal with the change as if it is a temporary thing. What have led you to gaining the weight you are trying to lose are bad eating habits. You fix these bad habits with healthy diet so your body gets treated of the extra pounds along with other health issues. But if this change is temporary and you consider it a punishment or a struggle, you will shift back into your old fattening habits and gain back the weight you lose.

3- You neglect – or are rather too scared – to face the scale. Since it is the tool with greatest power in your weight loss struggle, you are afraid to use it. I am not saying you should check your weight every couple of hours or even every day. Just once a week is enough.

4- You avoid the gym. When losing weight, some people think of exercising as torture. They pick the most difficult exercise program to maximize its effect, and as a result, hate exercising along with dieting. Exercising is not just for keeping fit or losing weight, it is good for relieving stress and improving the biological functions of your body. Pick an exercise you like and try to enjoy your time at the gym.

Gain Back the Weight You Lose After Weight Loss Diets

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