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4 Myths That Are Stopping You from Getting a Divorce Even If You Need It

First let may say that I am impartial to the concept of divorce, and that I am not writing this article to promote it or undermine it. I am just telling you that if you – after long and careful consideration – come to the conclusion that divorce – or marriage – is necessary for you, then you should neglect the myths stated in the following lines:

1- Divorce is harmful for your kids. Those who said this based their saying on things like mothers not having enough to support their children, or maybe that the children will miss either one of their parents. However, all of this is outweighed by quarrel and fighting free environment and more relaxed and warm surroundings.

2- Half the marriages end in divorce. This sad misconception is one of the reasons why many couples are too scared or hesitant about tying the knot. The study that came with that result is outdated and those who participated in it were relatively young, possibly too young to understand the seriousness of marriage.

3- Divorce means you are taking the easy way out of your problems. Divorce means you will be more burdened with your children’s safety and wellbeing. You will probably need to work (or work more if you already do) to support them.

And you will need to make sure you are raising them right without the help of your former spouse. So, no, there is nothing easy about it, and you are not failing some test if you file for divorce.

4- The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t (or in this case married to). This is not true, because, according to this concept, you are considering all others in the world to be criminals who will hurt you more than your spouse already did. Or you might consider them some sort of aliens you will not be able to deal or communicate with.

 Myths That Are Stopping You from Getting a Divorce Even If You Need It

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