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The 4 Mistakes You Do at Work That Can Give a Wrong Impression about You

Succeeding in Your career depends on so much more than the actual work you achieve in it. Looks, communication, body language and many others contribute a lot in how much success you achieve in your job and how your clients perceive you. Therefore, it is important to learn about mistakes you might do unconsciously at work that may hinder your development.

1- Drooping sitting or standing postures: These two postures send a lot of negative signs to others about you, even if you are doing them absentmindedly. It gives an impression of laziness and lack of enthusiasm, and others seem to think that you do not deserve attention or interest.

2- Wrong types of eye-contact: eyes are the most expressive part of our bodies, so you can send others a lot of signs with them. Avoiding eye contact gives an impression that you are hiding something and some perceive it as a sign of lacking confidence, or rather lying, while too intense eye contact is considered rude and gives an impression of hostility.

3- Weak handshake is another mistake you might commit absentmindedly at work, especially if your work involves a lot of communication with your clients. A weak handshake indicates that you are not enthusiastic or passionate about what you do, so if you are – for example – selling something, the client will not believe that the product or the service is as good as you say.

4- Standing or sitting with your arms crossed can give many wrong impressions of defensiveness, discomfort, lack of trust and impatience.

So if you are – for example – opening a bank account or purchasing some type of similar service, and are confronted with an employee with his arms crossed, you would not want to purchase this service fearing that he wouldn’t interact with you in an appropriate way.

Mistakes You Do at Work That Can Give a Wrong Impression about You

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