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4 Mistakes Women Make While Trying to Lose Weight

Nothing disappoints a woman like getting on the scale and see no change after all the effort she has put by dieting and exercising. Reasons behind this disappointment include mistakes even the healthiest women make.

In order not to let your entire struggle to go in vein, defy those tough extra pounds by avoiding falling in the following weight loss traps:

1. Eating in a Healthy Restaurant without a Background Check

Restaurants often describe dishes as healthy, diet, low calorie dishes when they only have a minor difference between it and other dishes. Before ordering a sandwich from a restaurant, make sure the bread they use is truly brown, they don’t use high calorie condiments in it, and the meat in it is grilled not deep fried.

2. Overestimating Calorie Count for Weight Loss

The 2,000 calories specified as an average American is only suitable for that average group of people. There are websites you can use to calculate the amount of calories you should consume, so make use of them. Assuming you are an average kind of person, you need to intake just 1,800 calories in order to lose weight instead of maintaining it.

3. Eating with Distractions Around

In case you eat while watching TV or a video streaming, or reading, you are eating mindlessly. This makes you lose count of what you eat and does not make your mind pay attention that you are no longer needing food. Turn that TV off during snack time so that you eat the certain amount you are allowed and allow your brain to register that you filled up.

4. Choosing Long Consistent Activity

You have surely heard that walking helps to lose weight. It is better than sitting around, but in order to lose a good amount of calories through walking, you need to walk for a really long period of time per day. It is better to choose short intense activities in order to burn calories more efficiently.

Mistakes Women Make While Trying to Lose Weight

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