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4 Mistakes You Do That Seriously Damage Your Skin

All of us face few skin problems at sometime or another. You might say that the cause is that your hormones are acting up, or that there is something in the air that is causing these problems, or even that it might be an allergic reaction to something you ate, and you might be right!

But there are some mistakes you do out of habit that really damage your skin and cause most of its problems, such as:

1- One of the most common causes for skin problems is the germs that come into contact with your skin. How do they do that? You transfer them from dirty surfaces to your face because you are often touching it. Wash you hands as often as possible and refrain from touching your face unless it is necessary.

2- Chapped lips are a case that happens to some people at certain times of the year. However, if you happen to have chapped lips all the time, this might be due to the fact that you often lick your lips. Saliva will erase the natural oils on your lips making them dry and chapped. This habit happens when you feel thirst or feel that your lips are dry, so drink enough water every day and moisturize your lips with lip balm as often as possible.

3- Pimples happen as a skin reaction to bacteria. It is understandable that people try to deal with this problem when they check it or touch it with their fingers but it is wrong! Gently rub the surface of the pimple with an antibacterial ointment and avoid covering it with makeup until it is treated.

4- It is not uncommon to find people who rub their eyes when they feel tired or stressed out. However, this is a serious habit that will damage the sensitive skin around the eyes and cause inflammation. Do not rub your eyes when you feel like something is irritating them, just wash them with water.

Mistakes You Do That Seriously Damage Your Skin

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