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4 Horrible Truths You Should Know about Weight Loss Pills before Taking Them

We all have been through that time in our lives when we don’t like how we look in the mirror and decide that it is finally time to “get it together” and try to lose weight. Some people though think that they may gain weight in years but lose it in days or months!

And they resort to things such as weight loss pills which can make excess weight the least of your problems. Here are the horrible truths you should know about weight loss pills before using them.

1- They don’t fix the real problem. Do you think you’ve gained those extra pounds from air? No! Therefore, even if weight loss pills – by some miracle – help you lose your excess weight, they won’t fix why you have gained that weight in the first place, which is obesity causing lifestyle.

2- They depend on false propaganda. I shamefully admit that I am one of those people who fell for these advertisements and unreasonable claims. I mean, seriously, who would lose 25 kilos a month because of some pill?

3- They can worsen your diet. These pills are said to contain some component that can give you some miracle nourishment. What these pills really do is give you diarrhea to rid you of food or block fat altogether. Diarrhea makes you miss on the important nutrients in your food while getting rid of fat altogether can make it difficult for vitamins to be transferred to your body since fat is the thing that can carry them to your blood.

4- They can cause mental problems. I remember a certain D.Phil. episode where there was this teenager who was hooked on ephedrine. The girl was more twitchy and disturbed than a crazed dog.

Horrible Truths You Should Know about Weight Loss Pills before Taking Them

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