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4 Great Tips for Treating Dry Skin Easily and Naturally

People usually do not seem to realize that the skin on their face is not the only skin that can get dry. There are other parts of your body where skin can be dry as well, like heels, waist, elbows and even the back. They do not even take a hint when these patches of skin start to itch. Well, here are few simple things you could do to stop the dry – itch – scratch circle:

1- Dry skin patches on your body need heavy moisturizing. The first thing that might come to your head when you learn that the skin on your elbow is itchy because it is dry is to rub it with some of your face skin cream. That will not have much of an effect, neither will hands’ cream. These parts could use heavy moisturizing, so use baby oil, body butter, or even Vaseline.

2- Do not scratch your dry skin. Some people would suffer from the itch so they scratch it until their skin bleeds. If your skin itches, use antibacterial ointments or more simply, soak a piece of cotton in some milk and rub the itchy place with it and leave it on for five minutes.

3- The skin on your heels might get so thick and so dry that it might get wounded on its own. So make a regular routine of soaking your feet in warm water, then filing it and moisturizing it.

4- When your skin is badly dry that none of the former remedies work, try to seal in the moisture. Do this by taking a warm long bath until your skin is slightly shriveled, then moisturize it and wrap it plastic wrap and leave it for few hours (better do it before sleeping).

Obviously, you do not need me to tell you to consult a doctor if these natural remedies do not work for you, because your dry skin might be a side effect for something else then.

Tips for Treating Dry Skin Easily and Naturally

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