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The 4 Essential Oils That Will Do Your Life a World of Good

Essential oils are very good for our health, physical and mental alike. These essential oils are liquids that contain aromatic chemicals extracted from plants. Sometimes they are mixed with base oils. Here are some of these essential oils with their importance and benefits.

1- Ginger:

It helps for treating stomach problems just like the root. It helps to energize you in general as well as regulating bowel movement. Moreover, many cultures have found ginger oil to be effective as a topical treatment for bear gut, sagging skin and yellowing teeth among many other problems.

2- Lemon:

Lemon essential oil helps in the treatment of oily skin for its ability to reduce oil production in the skin as well as adding shine to it. It is also great at treating blemishes and pimples due to its antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Moreover, if you can’t sleep at night, you may use lemon oil to help you to sleep. It has calming and soothing properties which help to relieve your body and your mind.

3- Neroli:

Although neroli oil is extracted from bitter orange, it is used in a wide range of popular perfumes. Its smell has a refreshing exotic tang to it. In addition, it can be used alone as massage or a bath oil for its ability of calming and soothing nerves and relieving tension.

4- Marjoram:

It’s an amazing essential oil that works to protect your body against infections as well as treating diseases. It has antiseptic properties and also it helps to relieve and sooth the pain. Moreover, it can lower the blood pressure and treat digestion disorders.

Essential Oils That Will Do Your Life a World of Good

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