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The 4 Most Difficult Psychological Obstacles That Prevent You from Losing Weight

Losing weight is not just about consuming lesser calories and exercising more, or it would not have been one of the things that bother women most in this day and age.

Many things contribute to the process of losing weight and some of them are psychological. Here we shall discuss 4 of the psychological obstacles that prevent you from losing weight.

1- You are making others a criteria for success in losing weight. You sometimes wonder why others lose about 15 kg in a month and try to see what they do and imitate them. As we said before, a lot of factors contribute to weight loss and what works for them might not work for you.

2- You are intimidated by what others might think of you. You are treating your extra kilograms as if they are some sort of a stigma. This kind of thinking makes losing weight all the more difficult. Do not hate yourself for your weight and do not deal with weight loss as if it is your salvation from all problems.

3- You think that a little alteration in your diet or a little treat will ruin everything. It is really strange that people think that a 15 g snack is the reason for an extra kilogram no matter how much calories it contains. Moreover, sticking to a strict diet or starving yourself will make you more “absorbent” to calories and more “resistant” to losing weight.

4- You think that just because a certain diet worked once then it will work forever. If you are eating the same things everyday not only will you find losing weight more difficult, but you might even start to get fed up with dieting and weight loss all together.

Difficult Psychological Obstacles That Prevent You from Losing Weight

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