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The 4 Most Dangerous Condiments You Should Avoid Adding to Your Food

People usually do not consider condiments when looking up foods they should or should not be eating. It is understandable since you might be only using a spoonful.

However, you could be using different types of condiments throughout the day which may sum up to cup full of a mixture of the most dangerous and toxic things you could eat. So, what exactly are these condiments you should not add to your food?

1- The ketchup you buy from stores is one of the most dangerous ingredients you should avoid. It is loaded with high levels of sodium and sugar. Moreover, the sugar used in ketchup is basically high fructose corn syrup usually genetically engineered. There are no nutrients or minerals you could use in ketchup, just loads of toxins. Therefore, make your own ketchup at home and avoid the store bought.

2- Sour cream is used to make the most delicious and mouth watering recipes. However, it can cause you many health problems if you regularly consume low-quality brands sold at markets. It is full of fillers and additives. The non-organic types of sour cream aren’t any better, since they often contain RBGH or dangerous genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

3- I don’t think any type of mayonnaise can do you any good, whether you make it yourself at home or buy it from stores. It is basically oil in a jar. However, the mayonnaise you buy is not just free of nutrients, but can do you a lot of harm as well. It is made of highly processed genetically modified oils that can cause many serious problems ranging from obesity and diabetes to reproductive disorders and heart disease.

4- Barbeque sauce and steak sauce are other condiments you should make yourself at home if you couldn’t live without. They are other elements of the group of free-of-nutrients-full-of-additives food that can cause you many health problems. Moreover, they have dyes that should not be in any type of food.

Always look for fresh and organic ingredients for your food to avoid any health problems and complications.

Dangerous Condiments You Should Avoid Adding to Your Food

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