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4 Causes of Having Cold Fingers All the Time

When it becomes chilly around us, our blood moves away from our extremities to keep our core warm thus giving us icy fingers. However, if you constantly suffer from a cold touch even when it isn’t that cold, there might be other causes that need examining, excluding the possibility of you being a vampire. Read on to discover the reasons behind having cold fingers all the time.

4. Hypotension

If you lost lots of blood, are dehydrated, or are suffering from endocrine disorders, you probably also have hypotension, low blood pressure. Low blood pressure makes your fingers cold because blood would be directed to vital organs to keep them functioning well.

In case you experience symptoms like nausea, blurry vision, dizziness and confusion you should contact your doctor about it as hypotension has many side effects.

3. Iron Deficiency Anemia

Whether you have a low amount of hemoglobin or few red blood cells, anemia will cause you several problems like cold fingers, a pale complexion, and dizziness due to reduced oxygen supply. Anemia may be caused by not consuming enough iron, bleeding too much due to menstruation or having digestive disorders. Treatment of anemia starts with taking iron supplements and consuming an iron rich balanced diet.

2. Smoking

Nicotine, the active component found in cigarettes, narrows up blood vessels and prevents blood from reaching extremities sufficiently. Blood vessel constriction can also cause plaque to buildup in arteries and obstruct flow to fingers making them cold. Icy digits are the smallest problem smokers suffer from as this blood vessel constriction increases the risk of cardiovascular problems.

1. B12 Deficiency

Lack of vitamin B12 negatively affects the production of red blood cells thus giving the finger chilling effect of anemia. Detection of vitamin B12 deficiency is possible with a simple blood test. If you discover that you need B12, you can find it in dairy products, poultry and meat.

Causes of Having Cold Fingers All the Time

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