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4 amazing benefits you will get by Eating 3 bananas a day!

It is amazing how you can simply add delicious food to your daily diet and get fascinating results and enjoy all the benefits. Now, imagine if you can eat one delicious fruit every day and protect your brain and heart and even feel better, won’t that be cool? Bananas are definitely my all time most preferred fruit.

It is great if you are feeling blue or depressed or just want to have a little healthy, delicious snack. It is high in potassium and also other essential nutrients, yet it is good for more than simply that. Here are the three major benefits you will get if you eat three bananas daily.

1. No more Depression.
Depression is a really severe condition. When you are depressed, discuss with your doctor the options and add bananas to your daily diet. Bananas have tryptophan, which is a protein converted by the body to serotonin, that helps relax you and enhance your mood.

2. Regulates Your Blood pressure.
The potassium found in bananas helps in fighting against high blood pressure by decreasing the sodium we take. Bear in mind that consuming too much sodium in your diet can cause high blood pressure.

3. Promotes Brain health.
A research conducted at the Twickenham school in the United Kingdom on 200 students discovered that those who ate 3 bananas every day remembered more information from their readings and examined better.

4. Relief for Heartburn.
This is my preferred medicinal benefit for bananas. I have suffered from GERD ever since I was born and bananas are perfect for fighting against heartburn. If your heartburn is really bad, try eating some bananas.

benefits you will get by Eating 3 bananas a day!

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