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4 Alarming Signs That Tell You Your Teenager Child Is Depressed

Depression is probably the most damaging and hardest to cure psychological illness ever. It ruins your relationships with others and takes away enjoyment from anything you do. Therefore, you would want to know if your loved ones – especially your children – have or are beginning to have this illness, so that you try to pull them away from its grab as soon as possible.

1- Depressed teens are always in a state of constant sadness. Teens are still at the prime of their lives, so if they are not happy, carefree and greatly interested in any trivial matters that happen around them, then this should make you very worried. Usually you will be the last one to confide in if your teenage child has depression, so ask his friends about his worries or whatever it is that makes him depressed.

2- They avoid reality through eating, so it will show on their eating habits and on their overall look. Moreover, their weight is another issue that might add to the reasons of being depressed. So if you find that your child is overeating and gaining weight, then you need to act quickly.

3- Another sign for avoiding depressing reality for teenagers is change in sleep pattern. While some depressed teens are too sad to sleep, others are too sad to stay awake. So if you find that your teen is not sleeping well, or is sleeping everywhere all the time, then you need to act quickly.

4- Some depressed teens resort to drugs or alcohol to escape reality if they manage to find them. After resorting to such means they might be caught by authorities. So if that happens this does not mean that your teen is trying something dangerous or his peers have bad influence on him, but that he is depressed.

Depression is not a thing that can be looked upon lightly. If your child shows symptoms of depression, act quickly and subtly.

Signs That Tell You Your Teenager Child Is Depressed

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